Application procedures for graduate research fellowships

Two forms of fellowship support are available through the UNVEIL network. First, several fellowships will be available to top applicants to UM or UNL whose research interests are within the core research foci of the network. Second, two UNVEIL Diversity Fellowships will be available starting Fall of 2019 to support one graduate fellow on each campus for a two-year fellowship. We encourage applications from students broadly interested in the study of evolutionary adaptation in variable environments and genome-to-phenome connections and whose backgrounds are traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields, including students with no family history of higher education (i.e., first generation college students).

Applicants may apply for admission into graduate programs at either the University of Montana (Organismal Biology Ecology and Evolution or Wildlife Biology) or the University of Nebraska (Biological Sciences). The choice of program will depend on the home institution of the student's primary advisor. As a result, prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to contact one or more UNVEIL PIs to further discuss application procedures and opportunities. Once an appropriate graduate program is identified, students may consult the application guidelines for their chosen program.

In addition to the standard application materials required by each program, UNVEIL fellowship applicants must also submit a separate Curriculum Vitae and a single page statement of interest. The statement of interest should specify which graduate program and specific network members the applicant has applied to work with and articulate reasons for interest and suitability for the UNVEIL program. Applicants for the UNVEIL Diversity Fellowship should include also include a 250 word contributions to diversity statement that describe your past experience and activities to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM. These supplemental materials should be emailed to

The application deadline for all programs is Jan. 15, 2019.

University of Montana - Organismal Biology Ecology and Evolution  

University of Montana - Wildlife Biology

University of Nebraska - Biological Sciences