Our Second symposium on the evolutionary Genomics of Adaptation will take place October 11 - 13, 2019 in Lincoln, Nebraska. REgistration Details coming soon!

Symposium Overview:
The aims of the symposium are to share advances on genome-to-phenome connections in natural and domesticated systems and the genetic basis of ecologically important traits. The symposium will be interdisciplinary, involving evolutionary geneticists, agricultural and animal scientists, entomologists, conservation biologists, and resource managers, as well as science communicators. In addition to a full scientific program focused on evolutionary genetics and genomics, the symposium will also feature a half-day session highlighting research with applications in conservation, agriculture and animal science, resource management and science communication.

Keynote Speaker:

John Kelly, Univ of Kansas (https://eeb.ku.edu/john-kelly)

Featured Speakers:

Sarah Fitzpatrick, Michigan State Univ (http://swfitz.com/)

Justin Fay, Univ of Rochester (http://labsites.rochester.edu/faylab/)

Organizers: Kristi Montooth (University of Nebraska), Colin Meiklejohn (University of Nebraska), Jay Storz (University of Nebraska), Zac Cheviron (University of Montana), Lila Fishman (University of Montana), Jeff Good (University of Montana), and Scott Mills (University of Montana).